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GPRS Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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The Magic Meter GPRS L-MAG B Series G1000 is a volumetric flow sensor and is the product of years of development to accurately measure water flow to within a 0.3% measuring error, with high level recording ranges.

The footprint of the Magic Meter GPRS L-MAG B Series G1000 connection ports have been designed so that is can be installed, either in the water supply line or through a direct replacement of legacy equipment already in the line.

The device is a cost effective solution to send recorded data via a M2M/GPRS transmission to this website, where flow data on the device can be remotely viewed via the sensing technologies mobile or full website.

The device must be connected up and hard wired to the local AC power supply, although it does retain the accurate measurement of flow from the local battery in the event of a power shortage. Once power is restored, data is then passed to the internet.


The flow meter is a stainless steel tube lined with a nonconductive material. Outside the tube, two DC powered electromagnetic coils are positioned opposing each other.

Perpendicular to these coils, two electrodes are inserted into the flow tube. Energized coils create a magnetic field across the whole diameter of the pipe. As a conductive fluid flows through the magnetic field, a voltage is induced across the electrodes. This voltage is proportional to the average flow velocity of the fluid and is measured by the two electrodes.

The G1000 controller receives the detector’s analog signal, amplifies and converts it into digital value. The processor in the controller analyzes the signal through a series of sophisticated software algorithms with signal conditioning. After separating the signal from electrical noise, it is converted into both analog and digital signals that are used to display rate of flow and totalization, in either m3, liters or US gallons.

The G1000 controller connects to the internet via the M2M/GPRS SIM device and sends the data to the website after the flow has stopped or after every 5 minutes, whichever is shorter. The M2M/GPRS SIM device also features auto connection, restart and hibernate algorithms to be ultra-energy efficient.

The design is a solid state device with no moving parts in the flow stream, so there is no pressure lost. Accuracy is not affected by temperature, pressure, viscosity or density and there is practically no maintenance required.


The following materials are available upon request. Housing Material: carbon or stainless steel Flange: carbon (galvanized or coated) or stainless steel Liner: Teflon, PFA, F64, Neoprene or Polyurethane. Electrode: SUS316, Stainless steel coated with Tungsten Carbide, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C, Titanium, Tantalum or Platinum-Iridium.


The meter targets a variety of applications and is well suited for the diverse water and wastewater treatment industry.

The G1000 meter can accurately measure fluid flow—whether the fluid is water or a highly corrosive liquid, very viscous, contains a moderate amount of solids, or requires special handling. Commonly used in the following applications: • Drinking water and distribution networks
• Water abstraction
• Water purification and desalination
• Revenue metering or billing
• Leakage detection
• Irrigation
• Industry water
• Cooling water
• Waste water
• Sewage and sludge
• Sea water


• Available in sizes 1/8”…118" (3…3000 mm)
• Flow rates ranging from (DN3: 0.11 - 1.68 GPM) to (DN3000: 112,000 – 1,680,590 GPM).
• Flow Velocity: 0.1 – 15m/s, with resolution of 0.5mm/s.
• Media Temperature: -200C to 1600C
• Power supply: 85-250VAC, 24VDC, 3.6V (Battery powered)
• GPRS/M2M SIM web connecting device with antenna.
• Protection Class: IP67 or IP68
• Control Input: zero return, totalizer reset and stop.
• Control Output: forward, reverse, high alarm, low alarm.
• Pulse Output: active / passive, frequency and pulse width adjustable
• Power loss volume determination based on missing flux calculations
• Communication: RS232, RS485, HART and GPRS
• Test and diagnosis: self-diagnosis, failure record, test mode
• FCC pending
• cUL pending, JB/T 9248-1999 Electromagnetic Flow meter
• Explosion Proof Mark: Exmd T4
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